Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: 40 Westt

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I love a good steak, but I'm very picky. My preference is to the rib steak, I love the extra flavour the bone gives it. I'm not a filet mignon fan, it's too easy to overcook. So my friends and I went to 40 Westt a few months back. It's a beautiful space, nice high ceilings, everything is spot on. Like a Vegas steakhouse minus the millionaire teenagers chasing the waitresses.The service was alright, not bad but not superb. Our waiter did the job and we'll leave it at that. The wine list was extensive and nicely varied. When I asked for a recommendation between two wines our waiter simply looked at the prices and said "I'd go for that one" pointing to the higher priced bottle. I asked why, and he said "I don't know, people seem to like it". So. Why did he not just call a somelier over? Why was my wine order taken by someone who doesn't know wine to begin with? I didn't push, I just shook my head and picked a completely different wine based only on the grapes.

This wasn't my problem with 40 Westt. It really was the steak itself. All the sides were good but the steak was just not what I expected in a place that looks like this and charges these prices. It further re-inforced my belief that you just can't get a great steak in Montreal. I can understand that we don't have the best fish as the fish markets send their best stuff to New York and Boston before out guys get to pick so it isn't the freshest. But steak takes good cows, aging and time. Fresh isn't a concern. Skill is. My cowboy cut was just a large piece of meat that I honestly would expect in a regular steakhouse. Not one that is touted as the best steakhouse in the city (or top 3). I believe people that love this place like it's high price and looks, they love how they feel sitting in there, like success. 

I'd bring people there on a business dinner, as long as they're not hardcore steak fans from Texas or something. 

On a side note, I rarely do steak at home because my local butcher doesn't always get great pieces of meat, but I think I will go and try this place during the summer. Boucherie le Marchand du Bourg

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